Guns… Made Scarier by the Biased Media

first published on February 5, 2016 by

Even in gun friendly Arizona, the “news” media cannot help themselves but to spew anti-gun drivel.  Take for instance, this “news story” produced by CBS 5 in Phoenix, AZ

Granted, this is only an advertisement for the related story, which I unfortunately (while also somewhat thankfully) do not have access to, but it is amazing how much they got WRONG in just 60 seconds.

Now, to the best of my knowledge, they did get the approximate number of guns in America correct.  There are indeed an approximated 300 million guns in the US.  And that folks, is the last bit of information that is accurately portrayed throughout the remainder of this clip.

Next, our mister Morgan Loew throws something out as if it is a huge secret.

“…if you know how, you can get your hands on one (a gun) with no ID and no background check.” 


Yes, person to person sales are allowed under Arizona law.  They are not some mysterious thing for which you need to contact someone on the black market.  There is no secret handshake required.  It is not necessary to meet in the shadows.  If you see a gun owned by a private party that is for sale, and you are also a private party (not a business) who is not legally prohibited from owning a gun, then it is perfectly legal for you two adults to make that transaction.  It only becomes a crime if the seller knows you are a prohibited person, or if you are purchasing the gun on the behalf of a prohibited person.

After eluding to the super-secret knowledge needed to purchase a gun, this “investigative reporter,” who clearly does not know doodly squat about guns, says:

“…the 9mm is among the most commonly used crime guns in Arizona…”

Really?  That is interesting.  I’m not familiar with that brand/model of gun.  That is of course because “9mm” is a caliber, NOT a gun.  Mr. Loew, if you want to be remotely taken serious, you need to not sound like an incompetent moron on the topic of which you speak.  For the love of God, educate yourself!

Then they went “undercover” to make a whole bunch of TOTALLY LEGAL purchases…

Morgan, buddy, just what are you trying to prove?  Do you go undercover to purchase used cars from private parties?  What about bicycles?  Maybe you should go undercover and fill up the gas tank of your car?  Again, you are acting as if this is some sort of illegal behavior when it is not.  To people who understand the law, you look like an idiot!

fudd shot show 2016

Then, to top it off, they then went out and sat in a parking lot to buy:

“…a sniper rifle that can shoot someone up to 2 miles away…”

Dude, seriously?  That appears to be a standard bolt action rifle, likely a Remington 700 or something similar (can’t tell from the grainy photo or video).  It appears to be a long action so maybe a .30-06, .300 Win Mag, 7mm Remington Mag or some other similar caliber.  Even if it were a .338 Lapua Magnum, the advertised maximum effective range is listed as 1,640 yards, where as a .300 Win Mag is advertised at 1,500 yards and the rest shorten up as they go.  Last I checked, there were 1,760 yards in a mile so the claim of “up to 2 miles away” is utter bull.

Getting beyond the caliber and bogus distance claims, throwing a scope on a bolt action rifle does not a sniper rifle make.   Once again Loew, spewing nonsense is just making you look like an imbecile.

fudd shot show 2016

If you ever wondered why gun folks cringe when they listen to the “news media” talking about guns, this clip is a prime example.  This is nothing more than propaganda and lies designed to scare the crap out of people who know nothing about guns.