Beretta to unleash weapons of war on public!

first published on November 16, 2015 by

Beretta M9A3

Let the hand wringing begin! As Beretta rolls out its latest M9 offering, the M9A3, some in the anti-gun main stream media (MSM) are admonishing the 500 year old gun maker for releasing would be weapons of war to the general public.

In typical political driven agenda fashion, CNN Money has put a spin on their “reporting” that implies some sense of irresponsibility on Beretta’s part for daring to sell their latest iteration of the M9 pistol to mere surfs, peasants and subjects. After all, according to their colorful reporting, “The sand-colored 9mm semiautomatic was designed for U.S. soldiers in the harsh terrain of Afghanistan.” CNN goes on to say, “Regardless of what the DOD (Department of Defense) decides, civilians can now buy the M9A3 for $1099. Beretta is marketing it as a gun for cops and military customers worldwide.”

Oh noes! We surfs can buy a gun “designed for the harsh terrain of Afghanistan” and carry it on the streets of America with a background check and a permission slip from our state of residence saying we’re trustworthy enough to exercise our God given and Constitutionally protected rights. How dare Beretta even consider such a thing? That blood stained weapon of war in civilian hands, the absolute horror of it!

If the thinly veiled hit-piece hadn’t gone far enough, CNN continues. “The Army says it wants a gun that fires hollow point bullets, which can cause severe damage, and it also wants one that can use silencers.” I find it interesting how CNN is mixing their commentary about civilian sales of the M9 in with the Army’s desire to use hollow points that cause “severe damage”… there’s no agenda here. I’m racking my Libertarian brain trying to figure out how a report on the Army’s quest for a new handgun has anything to do with civilian sales of said firearms, other than to spin up the imbecilic masses during the next big political cycle where gun banning will likely be a primary plank in the Democratic presidential party platform.

Making matters worse, the article will drive the “finger on the trigger crowd” and safety Sally’s absolutely bonkers. The only image in the article is that of a M9A3 with the slide locked back being held by a gentleman who has his finger squarely on the trigger.

M9A3 Beretta finger on the trigger

If you watch the embedded video where the reporter shoots a couple different variants of the M9 at Beretta’s indoor range, you’ll notice he had an atrociously bad grip on the pistol, one which could have resulted in lost flesh. If you’re going to write an article about firearms and produce a video to support it, might I be so bold as to suggest perhaps you send someone who actually knows something about firearms to do the reporting? Yeah, I know… when hades freezes over.

Beretta M9A3 being fired CNN reporter

I grow weary of the CNN’s of the world. Their tireless quest to sway public opinion against our Constitutionally protected rights is annoying to say the least. The days of journalistic integrity where reporters simply report on the news without applying their subtle spin, and at times not so subtle, to push forward their agenda are long gone.

Thankfully we have the web to supply free thinking people with information and dinosaurs like CNN are facing certain extinction, or so we can hope.