I won’t spend much time on this particular post, the reason is simply time.

There’s an hour long video contained that you need to spend time watching.

As usual there’s an onion layer of where a link is found to where it leads, for this one I found it in the private area on the FULL30 Forum

The link is duplicated in the image above and for clarity is :


The parent content is found at https://armypsyop.wixsite.com/shellgame

Its placed in the religion category due to the content and to raise awareness the 1a begins with:

Watch now or ASAP

Watch now or ASAP

Watch now or ASAP

Notable Replies

  1. Okay so I watch the video finally …not many words can be said but I have long time stood against this lesbian gay tansgender bullcrap .and spoke against it strongly. It is an infection.

  2. The video did have one thing ,I questioned his assessment on. But for 99.9 of it . I think we can all see it .

  3. What did you question?

  4. No plane into the pentagon?
    And a nuclear explosion inside the twin towers…

    I believe there is footage of the plane in the pentagon
    Hiw do you explain away Flight 77 american airlines and 64 on board dying and 125 inside the building.

    The twin towers was indeed dropped by a plane it as the building Jenga’ed in on itself.
    If it was a nuclear explosion then the entire area for miles and miles around could not be entered for the next 40 yrs. As it takes that long for radiation to dissipate to the point humans can enter at safe levels

  5. Ahh, 911 questions, those deserve they’re own topic but I’d rather not, it is the crème de la crème of divisive topics IMO, more than religion or sexual persuasion.

    I actually missed the nuclear explosion part, had never heard of such a theory, can’t see where or how such a claim could be made, do you recall the exact statement or context in which it was made, or can you provide a time (10:53 etc) in the video?

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