Print Gun Media is Dying: A Quick Reminder Why

first published on January 25, 2019 by

On the off chance that you need a quick reminder of why print media is dying, I’m here to help.

Monday the 21st was media day at the range for SHOT Show.  This includes print media, online text format media (blogs) and video media, such as the gun channels you can find right here on Full30.  I got there early, as I always do, because to me if you are not at least 15 minutes early, you are late.  I wandered over and got in line with the other early birds and we waited for them to allow us in.

As usual, and despite what the gun grabbers would have you believe, the crowd was quite diverse.  Men and women of all ages, and of all skin colors.  In fact, I even saw one little person, or at least that is what my wife tells me is the politically correct term nowadays.  Besides the obvious visual differences, there was a plethora of different languages being spoken.  It was about as diverse as you can possibly get.  Of course, to those who hate guns, it was just a bunch of old, white men.  But I digress…

As I stood there, a gentleman in front of me, a white guy who I would guess was about 15-20 years older than me, was talking with another guy.  I could not make out the name on the man’s SHOT Show badge, but I was able to see that he was there representing “Guns & Ammo – SIP.”  During his conversation with his acquaintance, he explained the “SIP” stood for special interest publications, and consisted of their annual and quarterly publications.

But what jumped out at me, and is why I am writing this, was his superiority complex.  He was complaining about a smaller company that he contacted refusing to send him a free sample of their product.  He said to his friend “What are they thinking? I’m Guns & Ammo, and they won’t send me a $35 product.  Are they kidding?”

He continued by saying “if I ask a manufacturer of a $5,000 gun, they send one, but this company would not send me a cheap (product name removed).”

I just stood there, totally blown away by the hubris of the man.  As a former small business owner, a manufacturing business at that, I totally understand when a manufacturer is not willing to send out free stuff to reviewers, no matter how established the reviewer or their outlet might be.  It is one thing if a company reaches out to a reviewer and offers products, or asks for their product to be reviewed, but that is not remotely what this man was talking about.

This incident struck me as yet another example of why print media is dying, and why blogs and videos, just like those here at Full30, are taking over.

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