When a Journalist Becomes a Felon

first published on August 2, 2016 by

What do you do when you are contacted by a leftist journalist who appears to be requesting your participation in the commission of a felony?  Well, I suggest you report said journalist to the feds, which is exactly what this person did.

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Say hello to Alex Kantrowitz, a reporter at BuzzFeed.    According to Alex’s Facebook account, to his info on BuzzFeed, to his Twitter account info, and according to his LinkedIn profile, Alex lives in San Francisco, California.  You might be wondering why I am hammering at that, but I assure you, where he lives is quite pertinent.

Alex, being a CA resident, somehow gained access to several local Las Vegas buy, and swap groups on Facebook.  Most of them are closed groups (not open to the general public) and members have to be approved by an administrator before they have access.  While it is not difficult to become a member of any Facebook group under false pretenses, what Alex did once he gained access to those groups is the important matter at hand.

Alex sent a private message to another member of that group inquiring about purchasing an AR-15.  Coincidentally, this person never advertised an AR-15 for sale, but did have a picture of a rifle on his profile.  While it is totally legal to sell guns via private party to private in Nevada, between Nevada residents, Alex’s attempt to purchase a gun, via a private party sale, over state lines, without a background check, constitutes a number of crimes, some federal, some state, several of which are felonies.


Seeing as the person Alex contacted is not only a good, law abiding gun owner, but is also someone who follows my Facebook page, he contacted me and sent me the above screen capture of the message.  Being a good, law abiding gun owner, and cop, I suggested he report the above solicitation to commit several gun related felonies to the FBI, which he did.  Whether or not the FBI investigates it is out of our hands, but seeing as Alex lives in San Francisco, a very anti-gun city, perhaps this should also be reported to the local authorities there too…  After all, SFPD just arrested one of their own for violating CA gun laws, so investigating a “journalist” should not be an issue for them, right?