CA Democrats Relentlessly Coming For Your Guns

first published on April 20, 2017 by

So, let me see if I have this straight, last year CA Assemblyman Kevin McCarty (D) pushed two separate gun control bills, with his baby AB-450 coming specifically after the concealed carry permit process, and all because he is unhappy with how Sacramento Sheriff Scott Jones is issuing permits.  McCarty is upset because tax dollars are being used to fund services to tax payers.

Last year, as the bills neared a vote, I made a video discussing it.  In that video, I mentioned that Sacramento Sheriff Scott Jones is one of the few sheriffs in California who essentially has a “shall issue” permit policy.  That is not to say that his department never denies permit applications, but absent extenuating circumstances, they grant them to most applicants.

Well, both of McCarty’s anti-gun bills got shot down.  Ironically, as the Gun Owners of CA noted, near senile lefty Governor Jerry Brown noted the following when he vetoed AB-450, “This bill was spurred by a local dispute in one county. I am unaware of a larger problem that merits a statewide change at this time…”

Being the ever dutiful gun grabbing leftist politician that McCarty is, despite the fact that there has been no rash of crimes being committed by CCW holders in Sacramento, he vowed to go after Sheriff Jones and his permit process another way, because even though the US Constitution protects our right to keep and bear arms, McCarty sees it otherwise.  Since he was unable to get his way in the legislature, he decided to attack our gun rights on another front, and he requested that the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office be audited.  He submitted that request to the Democrat controlled state audit committee and in a surprising move (sarcasm), they approved the audit.

On March 30th, McCarty released a public statement (see screen grab at top of this page) on his official website in which he complained about the number of people who have been granted permits in Sacramento (despite no related crimes) and he continued his illogical rant about tax dollars funding services to tax payers.

“Taxpayers should not be subsidizing gun owners who want to roam our streets with loaded weapons,” said Assemblymember Kevin McCarty. “The dramatic increase of CCW licenses in Sacramento County alone is alarming and presents a number of important fiscal and public safety questions that I am confident the State Auditor will be able to answer. Today’s audit approval by the Joint Legislative Audit Committee sends a clear message to gun owners and the public that responsible private gun ownership should never be subsidized with taxpayer dollars.”

In response to the news that the audit was granted, Sheriff Jones released a public statement via his Facebook page in which he expressed his unhappiness about the decision.  In his post he stated the estimated cost for this audit, a cost being paid for by those very taxpayers that McCarty claims to be seeking to protect from wasting tax money, will be beyond $350,000.


Assemblyman McCarty claims to be upset that tax dollars from the Sacramento Sheriff’s budget might be used to supplement the cost incurred by the department in their issuance of concealed carry permits, a service that they are required to provide according to California law.  In his claims about the costs, he throws out completely unrelated information such as the number of permits being issued.  Taking it one step further, he includes blatant lies in which he states that tax money is being used to subsidize gun ownership.  And, in an effort to save taxpayers money, he is going to make tax payers spend over $350,000 of tax money to ensure that tax money is not being wasted providing required government services.

Are you as confused as I am?

Let me translate all that down to the real truth of the matter.  McCarty does not like guns.  McCarty dislikes the fact that law abiding citizens in Sacramento County are not being prevented from exercising their constitutionally guaranteed rights by the publicly elected sheriff.  All of his past efforts to change the laws governing the issuance of concealed carry permits have failed.  In a last ditch effort to make the concealed weapon permit process harder (more expensive), which ironically will only hurt those who are financially less well-off, McCarty is spending more than a quarter of a million dollars of taxpayer money to block law abiding people from legally carrying a concealed gun.

In other words, Kevin McCarty is throwing a taxpayer funded, $350,000, anti-gun, temper tantrum.

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