Ah, Can You Feel the Tolerance?

first published on June 14, 2016 by

Yesterday evening, while I sat at my son’s little league practice, I was perusing Facebook and noticed a post a friend made.  This friend is an intelligent, thoughtful, caring, conservative, husband, father, coach,and also a gun owner and hunter.  His personal page often is home for many thoughtful discussions amongst people from across the political spectrum, and he does what he can to maintain the civility when things get out of hand, just like they did yesterday.

So, I saw his post and I replied to it, and I will admit, my comment could be somewhat insulting if you happen to be a gun grabbing leftist.  From there, the conversation went totally sideways when one of his liberal friends went off the rails.  The following screen captures are the entire “conversation” and have only been edited to hide the identities of those involved.






At this point, he stopped responding, and then promptly went back and deleted all of his comments, but not before I had screen captured them.

When those on the left say they don’t want to take our guns, they are lying.  In their mind, they only want to take some of our guns, so it is not the same.  When they say things like “there is no need for a gun like an AR-15” or “you don’t need an AR-15 for home defense,” and then you point out to them an instance where an AR-15 was used in self-defense, or just exactly why an AR-15 is an ideal home defense gun, they become hostile.

Stand firm fellow gun owners.  Thanks to yet another murderous Islamic terrorist, the left is indeed coming after our guns, once again.