“Agenda?  What Agenda? You Crazy Gun Nuts…”

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Someone on my Facebook page sent me a link to a Reuters article published just yesterday, and I have to say, it has to be one of the worst examples of agenda driven “reporting” that I have seen in a long while.  That is of course if I do not count the recent front page newspaper headline that claimed a DUI car crash that killed four people and injured 30 was actually a shooting instead of the car crash that it was, but we will just ignore that tiny “error” on their part.  But back to the topic at hand…

“Police chiefs from across the United States called on Monday for universal background checks for firearms purchases, saying opinion polls consistently show that most Americans support such restrictions.”

There were plenty of other articles and stories all saying similar things, but what I see lacking in every single article is the name of any other police administrator besides that of Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy, you know, that city that sets such a glowing example of the efficacy of gun control.  Every article I read says that McCarthy was joined by other police administrators, but none are named.

It should come as no surprise that this collection of anti-gun people, even though they try and say they aren’t anti-gun, would point to the long since debunked by major media sources, decades old survey claim about 40% of guns not going through background checks.

“Current rules on background checks apply to licensed dealers, but up to 40 percent of firearms sales involve private parties or gun shows and do not require checks, the chiefs said.”

Please note that they are still saying “chiefs,” plural, even though only one was speaking. (*cough*  agenda *cough*)

“’This is a no-brainer, this is the simplest thing in the world,’ Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy said. ‘It troubles me all the time.’”

Ok, what troubles me is that a man in charge of a major metropolitan police department clearly does not have a clue where criminals get their guns.  This guy, in his efforts to push gun control, is ignoring a recently published study from the University of Chicago Crime Lab (yes, his very own city) that clearly demonstrated that criminals are not purchasing guns via legal methods.

The supporters who are associating themselves with McCarthy on this are not in fact individual chiefs, but instead are police administrator organizations (think unions) that may not even represent the opinion of all of their members, let alone the people who work under those members.

As I have discussed previously, politically appointed chiefs of police are nothing more than puppets for the mayors and city councils who appoint them.  As appointed department heads, they can be let go at any time, for just about any reason.  What you generally hear from them, is what their bosses want you to hear.  In other words, police chiefs do not remotely represent the opinion of law enforcement.

(screen capture from PoliceOne.com article)

(screen capture from PoliceOne.com article)

If you want to know what real cops think about the need for more gun control, one need look no further than a fairly recent survey of more than 15,000 verified active duty cops that was conducted by PoliceOne.  The percentage of cops answers to the individual questions varied by question, ranging from 75-95%, but throughout the survey it is abundantly clear that working cops do not think that gun control is the answer to violent crime.

So please, when you see articles like this pile of trash from Reuters, or other from the Associate Press, please realize that these politically appointed administrators do not speak for real cops.